I am Shiva Kumar Mangina

Web Developer,React Developer,Full Stack Developer,JavaScript Developer

Name: Shivakumar Mangina

Profile: Full Stack developer

Email: shiva2nani.mangina@gmail.com

Git: https://github.com/shivamangina


JavaScript 85%
React & Redux 75%
Node & Express 50%
MongoDB 90%
About me

Hello World.

I first began my journey into code whilst studying Computer Science at SCSVMV,TamilNadu. During my time in the University I hated to code and refused to understand the magic of coding., During my final year, I started to learn a programming language called Javascript for my graduation project and fell in love ❤️ with the JavaScript. Thats how it all started.

I believe coding is magic✨, The magic which enables us to create everything the world has never seen before.

Now, I build Webapps and UI for Websites. Actively looking for job opportunities.I love to work in high pressure startup environment


Companies I worked with


Currently working here as Full stack developer

Yantro Mitra

Worked here as a web developer intern


These projects are build my me

React BoilerPlate

A ready to go, react boilerplate configured with webpack, Babel, Redux and SCSS.

Note taking app Using Node Yargs

A Command line interface Notes app using Node and Yargs.

ChatRoom using Socket.IO

A Chat application is created using Node and Socket.io with multiple user Anonymous interaction. With react as frontend

SUBTITLE -Iot Smart Glasses

Simple to use and interactive smart application and the IoT device toConvert the speech to text real time and Display on the smart glasses IoT .

TIK-TOK-TOE game using JavaScript

The 2 players Tik Tok Toe game using JavaScript with UI using Bootstrap

Weather App using Node, Express

A simple weather application using Node, Express, JavaScript, DarkSky API

HANGMAN game using JavaScript

The old children game of guessing the letters of the given word

RANDOM QUOTE using JavaScript

Time Date and RandomQuote webapp with Moment.js with JavaScript